Scratching the Surface and Other Superficial Techniques in Improvisation




One of the benefits of digital media is the immediate access to it. I love the idea of offering up to the minute documentation of ideas. This release is that in a nut shell. A immediate release of ideas. PCRV has always been more about improvisation and the exploration of ideas within certain combinations of equipment and how it pertains to noise and extreme electronics. As of late, PCRV has moved into more synth or drone-based noise pieces but still keeps one foot in the wall of sound side of noise. Looking for more texture but still keeping the intensity and anxiousness of past pieces. This album is various pieces exploring loopers, tabletop modular synths and tape playes/tape loops. You will hear a common theme in all the pieces given they are using the same set up. Hopefully you will also hear the progress thru the pieces.


released March 12, 2016

PCRV is Matt Taggart:electronics



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Fluxus Montana montana

Fluxus MT is a cassette and net label originally based out of Billings, MT. Fluxus MT was started by Matt Taggart as a vehicle to support the artists and sounds that he loves and also makes.

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